Why Minoxidil is not a long term hair loss solution

Minoxidil is a medication that was fist given to patients in the early 1970's suffering with high blood pressure.  These patients noticed an improvement in hair density (only in the crown area) after a short period of time, making Minoxidil a popular hair loss solution ever since.

Minoxidil dilates blood vessels, essentially force feeding a distressed hair follicle.  When experiencing genetic hair loss, a hormone called DHT and Prostaglandin D2 attach themselves to the receptors in your follicles, blocking the communication and causing the hair follicle's to restrict and shrink in size.

Minoxidil does not remove DHT or Prostaglandin D2 (which we now know are the problems that cause genetic hair loss).  It is only a temporary fix.

Since the 1970's, DHT and Prostaglandin D2 have become more than 40 times more aggressive.  This resulted in doctors increasing the dose of Minoxidil up to 10 times its original dose.

Side effects of this dosage includes heart pulpitations in men and an increase of unwanted bodily and facial hair in women.

Minoxidil lowers your blood pressure.  And if you do not suffer with high blood pressure related issues, taking Minoxidil could result in feeling feint, dizzy, light-headed, fast or irregular heart beats, weight gain, increase of unwanted body hair (including face and back hair), swelling of the face, feet and lower legs, acne, burning of the scalp, inflammation at the hair root, sever scalp irritation and itchiness as well as hair loss.

Science has progressed since the 1970's, and proven scientifically that herbal compounds and extracts such as Anagain™ and Procapil™ deliver superior results as compared to Minoxidil - without the side effects.

Additional safer herbal options backed by clinical trials include Quercertin, Saw Palmetto, Milk Thistle, Nettle Root, Uva Ursi, Grapeseed extract, Green Tea Extract, Nigella Sativa, Muira Puama, Rosemary extract, Siberian Ginseng and even chestnut extract to mention a few.

All of which are found in the Newtrino range for men and women experiencing hair loss.

Our products contain these and many more powerful compounds that are safe, effective and backed by clinical trials to give you hair density without side effects.

In conclusion; is very important to remember that minoxidil has a 6 - 8 year efficacy cycle.  That means it stops working after 6 - 8 years of use.  And when your hair follicle is no longer receiving nutrients and nourishment, hair loss is accelerated causing excessive shedding with permanent hair loss.

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